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Nestled on the rolling hills of Tuscany, Italy, in a town called Cortona, the historical Hotel Oasi Neumann has been Cortona Week's choice of venue and accommodation since the event's beginning in 1985.

Tuscany is essentially in the middle of Italy, along the main roads of the Italian countryside, making Cortona Week's location favorable for easy access to and from all parts of Italy. Hotel Oasi, too, is favorably located. The hotel sits on top of a hill, about 700 meters from the town's Etruscan walls, giving viewers a breathtaking panoramic view of Valdichiana (the Chiana Valley) and Trasimeno Lake.

The history of the place started in 1225, when the hotel was originally built a monastery of the Santa Maria alle Contesse order. The building was restored and renovated at the end of the last Century into what it is today.

Hotel Oasi is the default accommodation for all participants of Cortona Week and all seminars and workshops will be conducted in the hotel. Most participants will share a room in the hotel with 3 or 4 other people. It is possible to have a more private room at Hotel Oasi, but participants will still need to share it with 1 other person. For those wishing to have an individual room, we can arrange this, but unfortunately not at Hotel Oasi. The hotel where we can arrange individual rooms is located in Cortona, but 20 minutes away from Hotel Oasi.

Different fees apply for those wishing to stay in a 2-bed or single room. Please check the Registration page for further information.

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